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How To Wash Period Underwear – Helpful Guide

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Period underwear is a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional pads and tampons. They are absorbent and comfortable, offer leak-proof protection, and are discreet. However, they need to be washed properly in order to stay clean and free of bacteria. In this blog post, we will discuss how to wash period underwear so that you can keep your sanitary products clean and healthy!

Here are our top tips for how to wash period underwear:

  • Wash them immediately after each wear
  • Use a mild detergent or soap – no fabric softener
  • Avoid using hot water as this can set blood in place
  • Machine wash them once a week on a gentle cycle
  • Hand Wash period underwear if possible
  • Air dry them whenever possible
  • Line dry if possible
  • Soak overnight in vinegar or baking soda if they start to smell
  • Add a cup of vinegar or baking soda to your weekly wash cycle

Do you need to rinse or pre-wash period underwear?

Period underwear does not need to be rinsed before washing. However, if you have any stains on your underwear, you may want to soak them in cool water overnight and rinse until the water runs clear.

Period underwear is designed to be stain-resistant, so you shouldn’t have any problems with staining if you wash them regularly.

How often should you wash period underwear?

You should aim to wash reusable period underwear immediately after each wear. However, if you are wearing them for multiple days in a row, you should wash them on the third day.

Can you machine wash period underwear?

Yes, you can machine wash your period underwear. However, we recommend that you only do this once a week. Machine washing can be harsh on the fabric and may cause them to wear out more quickly. Just be sure to use a delicate cycle.

We recommend using a laundry detergent that is free of bleach, dyes, and fragrances. This will help to avoid any irritation or skin sensitivities. Avoid conditioner as well, as this can cause the fabric to become less absorbent.

A mild soap or non-harsh detergents are recommended. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly afterward to remove all of the suds. You don’t need to separate them from your normal wash, you can place them in a delicates or mesh bag if required.

What is the best way to wash your period underwear?

Hand washing is the best way to wash your period undies. Wash them in cool water, this will ensure that they are clean and free of bacteria. It is also a great way to make them last longer and preserve the elastic.

You can use a mild detergent or soap and cool to warm water. Gently swish the underwear around in the water and avoid scrubbing the fabric too harshly. Then rinse them thoroughly.

Make sure to squeeze out any excess water before placing them in a dryer or air-drying them.

Why do we need to wash period underwear in cold water?

For most stains, hot water is best used. However, as blood contains protein warm water will set blood in place and make it more difficult to remove. The most effective way of removing blood from any clothing is by using cool water as it breaks down the protein and prevents it from setting.

Can I put my period underwear in the dryer?

Yes, you can dry period underwear in the dryer but we do not recommend doing this on a regular basis.

The heat from the dryer can cause them to wear out more quickly. It is best to air-dry them whenever possible.

We recommend line drying your period underwear whenever possible. Tumble drying can cause them to shrink and may damage the fabric and elastic.

Make sure any signs of staining have been removed from the underwear before drying in a tumble dryer as this can set stains in place, just the same as using warm water.

Once they are clean, be sure to store your period undies in a place where they will not come into contact with other fabrics (e.g., towels, other clothes, etc.). This will help to keep them clean and free of bacteria.

How long does period underwear take to dry?

Unlike regular underwear, period underwear can take anywhere from a few hours to a day to fully dry. If you are line drying them, it is best to hang them in the sun as this will help to kill any bacteria.

You can also place them in the freezer for a few hours to help kill any bacteria. Just be sure to wrap them in a bag first so they don’t get freezer burn!

Does period underwear need special care?

No, period panties do not require special care. However, we recommend that you wash them after each wear and avoid machine washing whenever possible. Machine washing can be harsh on the fabric and may cause them to wear out more quickly.

How do you get the smell out of period underwear?

If your period underwear starts to smell, it is probably because they are not being washed often enough.

Washing them after each wear will help to prevent any smells from developing. However, if you do notice a smell, you can soak them in vinegar or baking soda overnight. This will help to remove any odors.

You can also add a cup of vinegar or baking soda to your wash cycle once a week. This will help to keep your period underwear fresh and clean.

How long can you wear period undies?

Most people opt to wear period underwear for one or two days at a time. However, they can be worn for multiple days if you are rotating them with other sanitary products.

Just make sure to wash them as soon as possible after each wear to avoid any bacteria build-up.

Period pants can be a great alternative to traditional sanitary products and offer you more flexibility when it comes to your daily routine. Just remember to follow the washing instructions so that you can enjoy them for longer!

Can you reuse period underwear?

Yes, you can reuse period panties, that’s what they are designed for. Just make sure to wash them and dry thoroughly after each wear and store them in a clean, dry place.

How Long Can I Expect My Period Underwear to Last?

The lifespan of your period underwear will depend on a few factors: how often you wash them, the type and brand of underwear, and how heavy your flow is.

On average, most people can expect their period underwear to last between six and eight wears.

However, if you are someone who experiences a heavier flow, then you may only be able to get four or five wears out of them. If you have a lighter flow, then they may last up to ten wears.

Top 4 Period Underwear Brands:


Thinx is a brand of period underwear that has become increasingly popular in recent years. They come in a range of styles and sizes and are made from absorbent materials that can help to keep you dry and comfortable during your period.

Thinx organic cotton period underwear can be washed and reused like any other piece of underwear. This means that you can save money on sanitary products, and also reduce your environmental impact.


If you’re looking for a sustainable period underwear brand, Modibodi is a great option. The fabric is designed to be moisture-wicking and absorbent, so it can help keep you feeling dry and comfortable during your period.

Their products are made from recycled materials and they offer a recycling program for their customers. Plus, their products are designed to last longer than traditional period underwear brands.

So, if you’re looking for a sustainable and durable period underwear brand, Modibodi is a great choice!


Bambody is a sustainable brand of period underwear that offers a variety of styles to suit your needs. They make organic cotton period underwear and also underwear made from bamboo, and they use a water-based latex-free adhesive to keep everything in place.

Designed to be washed in the washing machine. The company recommends that you wash your Bambody underwear in cold water with a mild detergent.

Bambody period underwear can be worn for up to 12 hours, making them perfect for overnight use or for those with a heavy flow.


Sustainability is key with Neione period underwear. Not only do they offer a sustainable and ethical product, but their absorbency and leak protection are unbeatable.

Wash your Neione period underwear in cold water with a mild detergent. Do not use fabric softener, as this will decrease the absorbency of your undies.

Air dry is best, but you can also tumble dry on low if needed. And that’s it! Your period underwear is now clean and ready to be worn again.

With all of the benefits that come with using Neione period underwear, it’s hard to not make the switch! So ditch your disposable pads and tampons, and make the switch to sustainable period underwear today.


So there you have it! We hope you found these tips for how to wash period underwear helpful. Just one more simple step we can all make to being more sustainable.

Washing period underwear is an important step in ensuring that you stay clean and comfortable during your period. By following these tips, you can keep your sanitary products clean and free of bacteria as well as extend their life.

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