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Where To Take Broken TVs – Full Eco-Friendly Guide

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Where to take broken TVs can be a big problem, especially as they’re usually not considered a mobile device. This is especially true if it’s an older (CRT) TV! There are however many places where you can take them for recycling, or in the case of large TVs, have them collected. In this article, we will list some of the best options.

Where to Take Broken TVs

If your TV is still in working condition, you may be able to trade it in for a discount on a new one.

Many stores and manufacturers offer this service, some may even take broken TVs as a trade-in, so if you are in the market for a new TV it’s worth checking out their policies before taking your old or broken TV anywhere.

They may even offer a service to take the TV away when they deliver the new one. See Electronics, Appliances and Fitness Equipment Recycling at Best Buy.

If the TV is in working condition you could also consider giving it to a local charity or community organization.

There are many people that could make use of an old television, and it’s a great way to get rid of your old set without having to worry about recycling or disposal.

If the TV is broken beyond repair or you’re not interested in trading it in the best option is to recycle it HERE.

Recycling TVs is becoming increasingly common, as more and more people are getting rid of their CRT sets.

There are many recycling centers or recycling programs that will accept TVs, and most major cities have a designated TV recycling facility. Or you can try the City’s Public Works department.

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Finally, if you don’t want to take your broken TV anywhere there are also many companies that offer television pickup services like 1-800-GOT-JUNK. These companies will come to your home and pick up your old set for a small fee.

If none of these options work for you, there are still ways to get rid of your old television. You could try selling it online, try eBay for example, or give it away to a friend or family member.

Whatever you do, just be sure to properly recycle or dispose of your TV when you’re done with it!

Will Amazon take my old tv?

Amazon has both a Trade-In Service and also a Recycling Service but unfortunately, neither of these services are currently accepting TVs.

Both services are just for smaller appliances, whereas the Haul-Away service is for large items like washing machines. Hopefully, this service will expand in the near future to allow TV recycling.

how to dispose of old tv for free

Are broken Televisions worth anything?

The answer is, unfortunately, not usually. The sad reality is that most people don’t want to buy used or broken TVs, let alone a broken TV. However, there are still some options for what to do with your obsolete or broken television set.

A certified recycler may pay you a small amount for your old TV, but the payout is usually very low. You could also try selling it online, but interest is likely going to be limited and the payout is likely to be minimal.

The best option is to recycle it, most recyclers will accept TVs for free or for a small fee.

Whatever you do, just be sure to properly recycle or dispose of your TV when you’re done with it!

This is the best way to ensure that it doesn’t end up in a landfill where it will take up space and potentially harm the environment.

Since an old broken TV may contain harmful chemicals like lead and mercury, you’ll want to make sure the facility you choose can properly dispose of them.

Do TVs have gold in them?

That’s a difficult question to answer without knowing more about the manufacturing process of TVs.

Generally, gold and other precious metals are used in electronics as a conductor on the circuit boards rather than the components themselves.

Therefore it’s possible that they could be used in the construction of TVs but not probable. Besides the process of extracting the precious metal would be difficult and costly.

However, there are many other cheaper and equally effective metals that could be used instead, so it’s not necessarily a given that gold would be used in TVs.

Can I throw a TV in the trash?

Old televisions are considered hazardous waste. That means you can’t just put it in the trash, like with other used electronics or e-waste you’ll need to take it to a special disposal facility.

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The improper disposal of such stuff can allow these poisons to leach out, potentially harming you in the process.

If you put your TV in a normal garbage bag, it will be sent to a landfill site, where it may pose a significant danger to both the public and the environment.

How To Dispose of a Broken TV?

There are a few different ways how to get rid of a broken TV. You can take it to specialized recyclers or you can contact a local waste management company to see if they offer TV recycling services.

You can also check with your local electronics store to see if they offer a recycling program.

If you want to know what to do with a broken tv if you want to recycle it yourself, there are a few things you need to do first. The set doesn’t need to be completely dismantled but you’ll need to remove all of the cords and cables.

You may also need to remove any plastic or metal parts from the TV. Once you have done this, you can dispose of the TVs component parts at your local waste disposal unit placing the separate plastic and metal parts in the appropriate containers.

However, the best way to recycle your TV is to donate it to a thrift store or local charities. This way, someone else can use it and you won’t have to worry about disposing of it properly. Plus, it’s a great way to help out those in need!

For old televisions that still work, consider donating it to a local school or library instead of throwing it away! These organizations are always in need of supplies, and old TVs could help them out.

Why is it important to recycle a TV?

TVs can contain toxic chemicals like lead and mercury, so it’s important to recycle them properly.

If you just throw them away, those chemicals may seep out and cause damage to the environment. Recycling is the best way to ensure that those chemicals are safely disposed of.

Plus, recycling TVs can help conserve resources. It takes a lot of energy and materials to manufacture a TV, so by recycling one you’re helping to save those resources.

So next time you need to get rid of an old TV, be sure to recycle it! It’s the best way to protect the environment and conserve resources.

How to Dispose of a Flat Screen TV?

The process of disposing of flat-screen televisions responsibly is the same as for old CRT televisions.

The best option is to take it to a local recycling center. Most centers will accept TVs for free or for a small fee. Just be sure to remove all of the cords and cables from the TV before bringing it in!

If you want to recycle your flat-screen TV on your own, there are a few things you need to do first.

You need to cut off the power cord and any other cables that are attached to the TV. You also need to remove the back panel and any other removable parts.

Once you have done this, you can dispose of the TV set. However, it is best to recycle your LCD TV through local recycling centers


So, what’s the best option for you? It depends on a few factors. If you’re interested in getting rid of your TV quickly and without much hassle, recycling or throwing it away might be the best option.

But if you want to get some money back for your TV, trading it in for new products could be a good choice. Whichever option you choose, make sure you do some research first to ensure you’re disposing of your TV properly.