Storing Fruit In Mason Jars – Ditch The Plastic And Make Your Fruit Last Longer

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There’s nothing worse than spending tons of money on fruit and vegetables to have them turn bad before having the chance to eat them!

I wanted to save money and keep my fruit fresher for longer, so I decided to consider storing it in mason jars. 

Storing fruit in mason jars works to keep produce fresh. Fruit can stay fresh for twice as long when stored in jars. Before storing fresh fruit, it’s essential to wash, dry, and prepare it. Once it goes into the fridge, keep an eye out for condensation.  

If you’re ready to ditch plastic and use a healthier way to store your food, you’re in luck!

My guide will highlight the key to storing fruit in glass mason jars to keep it fresh and save money.

This simple technique can keep fruit fresher for up to twice as long compared to fruit kept in plastic containers. 

Does Storing Fruit In Glass Jars Work?

Yes! it works wonders for keeping fruit, and other produce fresher for longer. Taking the proper steps before storing fresh fruit in a mason jar can help it last up to twice as long.

Storing Fruit In A Mason Jar

Storing fruit in reusable jars requires a few extra steps. But considering the money shoppers save on replacing rotten fruit, it’s worth the additional effort! 

Fresh fruit will last longer than if stored in plastic grocery store containers and can even help save space in the fridge!

It’s also a healthier option for storing fruit, as prepping helps remove bacteria and germs from your produce. 

Before storing fruit in reusable glass jars, there are a few things to gather. Firstly, make sure to have a few glass jars or airtight containers, a large bowl, a strainer, and distilled vinegar.

When all the items are together, it’s time to store the fruit. 

How to store fruit in mason jars:

1. Remove the fresh fruit from its plastic containers or bags 

2. Fill the bowl with fresh water. Clean sinks can also be used instead of a bowl.  

3. Add two to three tablespoons of distilled vinegar to the water. This mixture will help to remove bacteria and make the fruit last longer.

4. Add the fruit to the water and vinegar mixture and allow it to soak for around fifteen minutes.

5. Remove the fruit and drain any excess water

6. Rinse the fruit with fresh water 

7. Allow the fruit to dry. For quicker drying, leave it in the strainer over your sink or place it on a paper towel to soak up additional moisture.

8. Cut the fruit (optional).

9. Place the fruit into your glass jars and secure them tightly with a lid

10. Pop the jars into the fridge and enjoy some fresh fruit!

Do I Need To Wash Fruit Before Packing In A Mason Jar?

When re-packing the fruit, it’s essential to wash it off with a mixture of fresh water and distilled vinegar. Vinegar will help to rid the fruit of germs and bacteria that cause it to go rotten. If the fruit isn’t washed before storing it in a mason jar, the bacteria will spread, and the fruit won’t last very long. 

To avoid having fresh fruit go bad inside a mason jar, it’s essential to wash and dry it properly before storage. If the mason jars are filling with condensation, remove the fruit and wipe it out to keep the fruit fresh. 

One of the most important tips when storing fresh fruit in a container is to let it dry completely before storing it. If the produce is still moist in a mason jar, it will decay much quicker. 

Fruit does best in containers with low humidity, so it’s important to ensure that the fruit is dry and clean before putting it in the fridge. 

Will Food Last Longer In Mason Jars?

Storing fresh fruit and vegetables in mason jars is a great way to extend their shelf-life. With the proper preparation, some produce can last up to twice as long as fruit kept in plastic containers. However, it’s important to remember that fruit and vegetables are still considered perishables. 

Because fresh fruit and vegetables aren’t chock-full of preservatives to help them last longer, they tend to go bad quickly. And while washing and storing them in jars can help keep them fresh for longer, it doesn’t mean households can store fruit in jars for too long. 

The time it takes for the fruit to go bad will depend on the fruit itself. For example, suppose strawberries usually last for two to three days in a plastic container. In that case, they should last for around a week in a mason jar – provided they are cut and prepared correctly. 

Prepped fruit generally means it will be eaten faster, so don’t worry about the produce going bad before the family enjoys it! 

The Best Method For Storing Fresh Fruit

While there isn’t one right way to store fruit, fresh fruit can last much longer after being washed and stored in clean glass jars. When keeping fresh fruit in plastic containers and bags, it will likely decay much faster. 

This decay is because it is filled with germs and hasn’t been washed or prepared before it goes into the fridge. 

Fruit is naturally covered in germs and bacteria. This bacterium is the cause of fruit going bad. So, to keep your fruit fresher for longer, it’s a good idea to wash it before storing it and putting it in the fridge. 


Correctly preparing and storing fresh fruit can help it last much longer than keeping it in plastic packaging from the store. 

It will also help households ditch plastic containers and use a greener, healthier alternative. In the long run, storing your fruit in mason jars can save money and can also save on fridge space! 

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