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Nespresso Recycling Bin – Can You Recycle Coffee Pods?

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I love my Nespresso machine! While browsing through the Nespresso website to place an order for coffee pods I came across a unique accessory, the Nespresso recycling bin.

Discovering this accessory leads to a very important question for the eco-conscious. Can you recycle coffee pods?

Nespresso coffee pods are recyclable. The Nespresso recycling bin is a new and innovative accessory made by Nespresso to make recycling more exciting for their customers. It is made from recycled polypropylene and can store 60 Vertuo and 160 original used Nespresso coffee pods. 

Unfortunately, one shouldn’t throw Nespresso capsules in a regular recycling bin. So, I think the Nespresso bin is the way to go.

Below I provide more information about recycling Nespresso coffee pods and all there is to know about the Nespresso bin. 

Are Nespresso Coffee Pods Recyclable?

Unlike most coffee pods which are made of plastic, Nespresso coffee pods are made from aluminum.

Nespresso found that aluminum is the best material to use as it protects the taste, freshness, and quality of the ground coffee within the coffee pods. 

Manufacturing the coffee pods using this material has also allowed all Nespresso capsules to be 100% recyclable.

According to Nespresso’s website, 75% of all aluminum that has ever been produced has been recycled and is still being used today. 

Therefore, Nespresso has dedicated itself to its recycling scheme for more than 25 years as they believe using this material is the best way for them to contribute to the sustainability of the environment. 

Nespresso’s main goal was to collect 75% of all Nespresso coffee pods sold worldwide. However, they exceeded this goal by 5% and managed to collect 80%. 

The effort by this company to make recycling a priority has resulted in a significant outcome as they were able to reduce the carbon footprint of a cup of coffee by 20%. 

Recycling Used Coffee Pods

There is no doubt that recycling requires some effort.


As a coffee lover who uses many of these pods daily, recycling the capsule containing the coffee grounds should definitely become a priority and be part of the daily routine. 

Nespresso has come up with a new and innovative way to make recycling more fun for its customers!

Their latest Nespresso recycling bin is made from recycled polypropylene. It has an elegant design with a practical handle to make it easy to carry around and empty. 

Nespresso Recycling Bin features and specifications:




Recycled Polypropylene


30 ounces


13,4 inches


8,5 inches


3,9 inches

Nespresso’s Recycling Bin: How Does It Work?

Now that Nespresso has come up with a new and exciting way to recycle Nespresso pods by designing a stylish and elegant Nespresso bin, many coffee lovers might consider buying one. 

Those who have their eyes set on this unique accessory by Nespresso are probably wondering how it works. Below is a detailed explanation of how the recycling bin works.

Step 1: Remove The Top Of The Bin

Remove the top compartment of the bin by unclipping the two clips on either side of the bin. After this, gently slip the top off to access the holding compartment.  

Step 2: Insert The Recycling Bag Into The Bin

A great feature of the Nespresso recycling bin is that one can use it without Nespresso recycling bags in it. However, it could get quite messy if some pods start leaking. 

If using a Nespresso bag is preferred, place the bag inside the holding compartment and turn the edges out to fold it over the bin. 

Step 3: Put The Top Of The Bin Back On

Put the top back on after inserting the bag into the bin. Place the top over the holding compartment and clip the sides together. 

Step 4: Throw The Used Coffee Pods Into The Bin

With all that done, the Nespresso bin is ready for use. After making a delightful cup of coffee, remove the coffee pod from the Nespresso coffee machine, open the lid of the recycling bin, and put the pod inside the bag. 

How Many Coffee Pods Fit In The Nespresso Recycling Bin?

The Nespresso Bin is quite spacious to make your Nespresso Pods recycling easier. Take a look at how many Nespresso coffee capsules this bin can store:

  • 60 used Vertuo capsules.
  • 160 used Original capsules. 

What To Do When The Nespresso Recycling Bin Is Full

There are several different ways to recycle used capsules. Once the bin is full, follow one of the three methods discussed below. 

1. Take The Recycling Bag To A Collection Point

Find a nearby collection point using Nespresso’s recycling map on the Nespresso app. The Nespresso app is available for Android and iOS.

Nespresso’s recycling map locates the nearest collection point. 

Take the Nespresso bag with the used capsules to the nearby collection point and drop it off at the customer service desk. 

2. Take The Recycling Bag To A Nespresso Boutique

With this method, use an online search engine to find the closest Nespresso store/boutique. Give the recycling bag with the used capsules to one of the clerks behind the counter. 

3. Give The Recycling Bag To The Delivery Driver

Place an order for more Nespresso coffee pods and a new Nespresso recycling bag. When a delivery driver drops the order off, give the recycling bag with the used coffee pods to the delivery driver. 


Although you cannot directly reuse Nespresso pods they are 100% recyclable.

As mentioned above, you shouldn’t throw used Nespresso coffee capsules in a regular recycling bin, so I highly suggest getting the latest Nespresso recycling bin.

For eco-conscious coffee lovers who enjoy Nespresso coffee make recycling a priority daily to help this company with its journey in contributing to the sustainability of the environment!