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Do LED Lights Attract Silverfish 

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LED lights are a popular choice for many homeowners because they are energy-efficient and long-lasting. The energy-conscious who switch to LED lights can sometimes wonder if a coincidental increase in silverfish is related. There are a lot of conflicting views but in actual fact LED lights do not attract Silverfish any more than normal incandescent lights. In this blog post. We’ll also look at some natural methods of dealing with them.

What are Silverfish?

Silverfish are small, slender wingless insects. These silver insects with fish-like tails can be up to ½ an inch long and typically have two antennae. Silverfish are nocturnal insects and eat a variety of things.

They enjoy organic table waste and other food sources including starches, sugar, organic glues used for bookbindings, or wallpaper paste. They also eat paper, clothing as well as other dead insects. They tend to move quickly and can disappear down tiny holes and cracks.

Silverfish are attracted to dark and warm places like damp laundry rooms and can live for up to eight years. While silverfish are not dangerous to humans, they can cause damage to your belongings.

They will leave tell-tale droppings around the areas they congregate, the droppings look like small black dots. If you see these small black dots, it’s a good indication that you have a silverfish problem.

Another sign of silverfish is yellow staining on your belongings. These stains are caused by the silverfish eating the fibers of your clothing or books.

Do LED Lights Attract Silverfish?

Now that we know a little bit more about silverfish, let’s take a look at whether or not LED lights attract them. The short answer is no, LED lights do not attract silverfish any more than other types of light. Silverfish like dark areas and so do not like light of any type.

Silverfish aren’t attracted to light because they are looking for food. They are actually attracted to the humidity that is often found in bathrooms and laundry rooms. The moisture in these rooms provides the perfect environment for silverfish to lay their eggs and thrive.

Do LED Lights Attract Bugs?

There is no evidence to support the theory that LED lights attract other insects of any kind more than normal incandescent lights. While silverfish may be drawn to light, it is not necessarily because of LED light bulbs.

LED lights emit less heat than normal bulbs – heat can also attract bugs. So, in a way, LED lights may actually help to keep bugs away from your home. Bugs also tend to navigate mainly using UV light and because LED lights emit little UV spectrum light again they are probably a better light source to keep unwanted pests away.

Strong UV light is a deterrent for insects of all kinds as it damages their sensitive eyes. But not all LED lights are the same, some emit more UV spectrum light than others.

If you’re looking for an LED light that will help to keep bugs away, look for one that emits a strong UV spectrum light.

How Can I Prevent Silverfish From Entering My Home?

Seal Cracks

The best way to prevent silverfish from entering your home is to seal any cracks or openings around your foundation, windows, and doors. You should also repair any holes in screens and make sure that your weatherstripping is in good condition. The most common places to find them are bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms since these rooms tend to be more humid than other parts of the house.

Inspect Plants

If you bring plants into your home, be sure to inspect them carefully for silverfish before bringing them inside. You should also avoid storing food in cardboard boxes since silverfish are attracted to starch and sugar.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning, vacuuming, and dusting will also help to keep silverfish away. Keep your home as clean and clutter-free as possible. Be especially conscious of cleaning up any food scraps and don’t store paper in areas where it’s likely to get damp.


Areas like laundry rooms should have adequate ventilation. As silverfish love the damp, extracting as much damp air from these rooms will help. Make sure air vents aren’t blocked and that ventilation system components are clean and allow air to flow.

For older houses think about using a dehumidifier to help with reducing damp air. Use a dehumidifier in damp areas like basements, crawlspaces, etc.

Seal Food

Keeping dried food like flour, rice, etc. in air-tight containers will also keep silverfish and other bugs out. Store food in the fridge where possible. You can even buy special food storage bags that are designed to keep bugs out.

Keep Clothing Dry

As silverfish also love damp clothing it’s important not the leave them lying around in damp areas. Hang wet clothes up to dry as soon as possible and where possible try not to overfill the washing machine so clothes have enough space to dry properly.

What are some natural remedies for getting rid of silverfish?

If you find silverfish in your home, there are a few things you can do to get rid of them. One option is to use traps. You can purchase commercial traps or make your own using a container and some sticky tape.

If you have household pets you want to avoid using toxic chemicals to rid yourselves of silverfish. There are a few natural methods of preventing and removing these pests from your house. All of these remedies can be found at your local grocery or hardware store.

Earwigs and spiders are natural enemies of silverfish but you don’t necessarily want those insects in your house either!

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a white powder that is made from the fossilized remains of algae. It works by dehydrating and killing silverfish when they come into contact with it. It is quite safe to use around children and pets as long as it is kept out of reach.

To use diatomaceous earth, sprinkle it around areas where the silverfish prefer to live or where they are likely to enter your home. You can also put some into a container with holes punched in the lid and set it near an infestation.

Silverfish Traps

Another option is to make your own traps using a glass container and some sticky tape. Bait the trap with food scraps that silverfish like such as flour, cereal, or paper. Check the trap regularly and dispose of any dead insects you catch.

Newspaper Trap

You can also create a wet newspaper trap. Soak a piece of newspaper in water and wring it out so that it is damp but not dripping. Place the wet newspaper in an area where you have seen silverfish and check it regularly. The silverfish will be attracted to the moisture and crawl inside where they will drown.

Once you have caught some silverfish, you can release them into the wild or dispose of them however you see fit. Just be sure to clean up any leftover food that may have attracted them in the first place.

Cedar Oil

Cedar oil along with essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil can also be used to repel silverfish. Simply add a few drops of the oil to a cotton ball and place it in areas where you have seen silverfish activity. Or better still if you have a diffuser place it in the problem area and let it do its work.

Be sure to vacuum and clean regularly as silverfish prefer dirty environments. Wash all bedding, towels, and clothes in hot water to kill any eggs that may be present. Store food in airtight containers and keep your kitchen and bathroom free of clutter.

Silica gel packets are often found in shoe boxes and new clothing purchases. These packets can help to absorb moisture and prevent silverfish from infesting these items.

Borax (boric acid) is a powder that can be used as an insecticide against silverfish. It works by dehydrating and killing silverfish when they come into contact with it. To use boric acid, mix it with equal parts flour and sugar to form a paste. Apply the paste to areas where silverfish are present and wait for them to come into contact with it.


An LED light bulb or strip light isn’t going to increase the number of silverfish in your house. By following these simple tips, you can get rid of silverfish for good and enjoy a bug-free home.

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