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My Profile

Your profile will undoubtedly be cooler than our friend Bill's, and in the service of full disclosure we had to forge some friends for Bill--he's just not that popular. But Bill does know the benefits of an MMS profile--a stronger sense of doing his part, more cash to spend on his bike shorts and that warm fuzzy feeling he gets knowing that he is part of a larger community. A community that cares about the direction we are all heading in, even if they don't give a hoot about Bill's favorite animal-the chinchilla. 

  • Your profile is your home base. Each time you log into MMS you will be sent to your profile, displaying your Carbon Reductions, your Sustainable Actions, and your MMS Community--which includes friends, groups, and a directory of local sustainable businesses. Each time you take a Sustainable Action, your profile tracks the associated carbon and money savings.

  • You can share your public profile with your friends within the MMS Community, encouraging others to do their part. A little competition never hurt anyone.

  • Get a closer look at some of the tools we have to offer (what's underneath the hood of our little green hot-rod).

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