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My Calculator

Because we are deep, deep thinkers, we call our calculator the Carbon and Energy Portfolio Manager (CEPM) and to be forthright, calling our CEPM a calculator just doesn't do it justice. This is a personalized tool that enables you to manage your energy costs, view real-time carbon savings, and preview the benefits of multiple Sustainable Actions. It tracks your results over time, unlike the static carbon calculators on other sites. Our CEPM updates your information each time you log in. Take that, TI-82!

  • The CEPM makes it easy for you to evaluate the sources of your energy use, associated costs, and carbon impact.

  • The tracker in the CEPM allows you to view real-time carbon and money savings and budget for the future.

  • Its all just talk and virtual-living until you take action so check out some of our sustainable actions and start making changes.

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